Tour Pics

1999 - On the way out

99-057.jpg (34629 bytes) After leaving the prop room we passed back across the sets and through the lunch area.  There were even a few props here.
99-058.jpg (31593 bytes) Above the cabinets was the storm shelter air gauge from the movie.
99-059.jpg (34687 bytes) Mmmm, waffles.
99-060.jpg (40405 bytes) On the other side of the lunch area loomed the spaghetti planet beckoning us forward.
99-061.jpg (47630 bytes) Very cool.
99-062.jpg (31083 bytes) In a small room next to the entrance foyer were some more items, including this SOL model.
99-063.jpg (29905 bytes) The Rat Pack Chess Set, Amazon Mom van and one of the United Servo Academy Choir beheaded bodies.

(I picked up one choir body and Bridget's Amazon Mom shirt)

99-064.jpg (33409 bytes) Nummy rests on the Daktari stool.
99-065.jpg (29676 bytes) Capt'n Ron Cereal next to the designer's model of Deep 13.
99-066.jpg (41082 bytes) This set of shelves was also in the room.  What a treasure trove.
99-067.jpg (44299 bytes) On top: Gizmonic Institute, plush Dr F, Manos chocolate bunny, Pearl's rocket, etc.

JOEL foam name, Joel's farewell plaque, Crow's "womany" shades, SOLtie award, Mike's rocket, etc.

99-068.jpg (50404 bytes)
99-069.jpg (46672 bytes) Palance on Palance, Nelson cigarettes, etc.

Joel's escape pod (512) and return spaceship (1001).

99-070.jpg (49576 bytes)
99-071.jpg (45630 bytes) The SOL shipping case from the Joel's Comedy Central opening theme.   (I bought this too.  It's covered with little stickers, including one that says "Trace Built this.")
99-072.jpg (40667 bytes) Matter Transferance Device, Tom's depiction of Crow and Leonardo's ship.
99-073.jpg (32359 bytes) Finally as we filed out I saw the Tragic Moments figures and Tibby's empty bowl.

We got to see Brad Keely preparing episode 1010, but he asked us not to take pictures, so I didn't.

I stayed around a while and picked up a few merchandise items.  I was even able to get a few older things.  Barb was kind enough to let me stay around and chat for a while after the tour ended.

A sad, but wonderful day.

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