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1999 - Prop Room (2)

99-043.jpg (44679 bytes) Look closely at the following pictures.  There are so many props I still keep finding new ones.  For example:  Crow-eating monster, dolphins' spaceship, small SOL model, tickle bazooka, etc.
99-044.jpg (55320 bytes) The big grey blocks on the top shelf are parts of the old Deep 13 walls.
99-045.jpg (51503 bytes) Servo's butterfly wings, screaming lemur, Dr. Peanuts log, and the bird cage was in the movie.
99-046.jpg (53976 bytes) Gypsy's work station.
99-047.jpg (54436 bytes) I didn't get my picture with Gypsy (rats!), but I like this shot.
99-048.jpg (57051 bytes) Heading into Tom's work station.  Lots of different heads and hats.  The brown object in the left side of the center shelf is Tom's toaster strudel body.
99-049.jpg (61786 bytes) Theater Tom.
99-050.jpg (43192 bytes) "I am Mincemeat" and the movie Manos hands. (Two more items now in my prop collection)
99-051.jpg (60201 bytes) Servo stuff.
99-052.jpg (64669 bytes) Servo's southern belle and the super creepy robot Mike.  Gerry Anderson would be proud.
99-053.jpg (61507 bytes) TIMMY!!
99-054.jpg (59968 bytes) Mutant crow.
99-055.jpg (43773 bytes) As we were leaving I saw this bizarre collection of star babies and disembodied heads. (I was also lucky enough to buy the Dr F Star Baby on the bottom shelf and the mole man mask on the top)
99-056.jpg (43897 bytes) And another group of old and new props.
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