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1999 - Prop Room (1)

99-029.jpg (48732 bytes) As we entered the cavernous prop room I noticed the unusual portrait on the opposite wall.  It is actually a combination of the two cut-out portraits of Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank used on the MST3K Hour set.
99-030.jpg (46279 bytes) Barb introduced us to Crow and gave us all the time we wanted to browse around.
99-031.jpg (48831 bytes) Crow poses for the paparazzi.
99-032.jpg (41306 bytes) Your's truely again while Crow seems to be thinking "who is this guy?"  (Thanks again Barb)
99-033.jpg (39138 bytes) MOTHRA!!
99-034.jpg (40592 bytes) The SOL panel is actually where the Umbilicus connected (you can see the black co-axial cable hanging out).  The Statue of Liberty was from the Deep Ape set.
99-035.jpg (43345 bytes) A new test case.
99-036.jpg (43083 bytes) Frank's pin cushion costume
99-037.jpg (58963 bytes) Look at all the stuff.  What treasures were hidden on these shelves?
99-038.jpg (57834 bytes) Tom's wardrobe.
99-039.jpg (60684 bytes) Mike's baking soda bomb and other props.  If you look carefully you can see a brain in a dish at the bottom of the picture.
99-040.jpg (45677 bytes) A hobby-hog and shower curtain.
99-041.jpg (45161 bytes) Hidden against the back wall I found these guys.  I only wanted one, but no luck.
99-042.jpg (56214 bytes) In another corner.
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