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1999 - The Sets

99-015.jpg (56382 bytes) Tom Servo was waiting for us as we entered the Satellite of Love set.
99-016.jpg (49519 bytes) Your's truely and Tom. (Thanks for snapping this picture Barb).
99-017.jpg (52774 bytes) The puppeteers trench.
99-018.jpg (38084 bytes) One of my favorite wall panels.  I believe those reindeer have been around since KTMA.
99-019.jpg (50574 bytes) Just below the hexfield viewscreen.  Another favorite grouping.   The potty seats are also from KTMA days (and I own one of them).
99-020.jpg (48529 bytes) No tunnel to the theater?  The rumors are true.
99-021.jpg (50687 bytes) The entire set from across the room.  The white sheet high in the rafters was lowered, pulled tight and used as the screen for theater segments during the Sci-Fi Channel era.
99-022.jpg (45464 bytes) Against the wall I noticed the theater seats.
99-023.jpg (47684 bytes) They were leaning against the star field.  It really is reflective tape on a black wall.
99-024.jpg (41985 bytes) Barb answers some more questions and leads us across the set to Castle Forrester.
99-025.jpg (60754 bytes) The Forrester ancestral manor.  The apparatus in the middle of the set knocked Dr. Forrester on the head in the movie.
99-026.jpg (59493 bytes) Patrick's homage to Pearl Forrester.
99-027.jpg (62426 bytes) Lots of neat stuff on these shelves...
99-028.jpg (49134 bytes) ...including all these video cases.  Notice any names that sound familiar?
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