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3/26/99 1:30 PM Tour

99-001.jpg (38615 bytes) When I arrived at the studio the Brains were still at lunch and were tossing a nerf football around.  Mike and Kevin parked right next to me, but Kevin got inside before I could get his picture.  Here are Mike and Patrick though.
99-002.jpg (36575 bytes) Left to right: Bill Corbett, Jeff Stonehouse and Paul Chaplin.
99-003.jpg (38090 bytes) Heading toward the front door.
99-004.jpg (41108 bytes) A nice shot of the sign.
99-005.jpg (50075 bytes) Still a little snow on the ground.
99-006.jpg (48061 bytes) Barb welcomes us to the LAST TOUR of BBI Studio.
99-007.jpg (44258 bytes) Inside the door Barb gave us a brief introduction in the foyer and this huge, old projector was just inside the office area.   Notice Dr. Forrester's 3-headed pet from the movie and what's left of the Little Gold Statue award.
99-008.jpg (35897 bytes) Barb demonstrates the Mike cut-out from Hobgoblins.
99-009.jpg (33017 bytes) The Peabody Award complete with Jef Maynard's frame.
99-010.jpg (30586 bytes)   This spaceship was on the front desk.  This was the ship that the janitor used to visit Joel and the bots in Earth vs. The Spider (313).
99-011.jpg (45805 bytes) Some of the items inside Barb's office.   Notice the Hubble and steering wheel from the movie and a pink flamingo hiding in the corner.
99-012.jpg (33275 bytes) Crow's chainsaw from the movie (and from the cut original ending).
99-013.jpg (38495 bytes) A couple demon dogs (I now own the one facing left).
99-014.jpg (38364 bytes) The hallway leading toward the sets.
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