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There have been a variety of sources of MST3K items made and sold without ever appearing in a BBI catalog.  Some were made by fans of the show while many others resulted from the merchandising agreement with MCA/ Universal after the release of MST3K: The Movie.

I know of other items that were available, but I did not get the opportunity to pick them up.  If you have one not pictured here please contact me.  Here are the ones I have run across.

1. The Amazing Colossal Man video, 1996 by Rhino Home Video
        Although this was one of the first video releases on 4-1-96 a problem with the rights to the film developed and the tapes were discontinued.
          Therefore, it was never sold by Best Brains.

        nbb-rhino-amaz.jpg (88254 bytes)     nbb-rhino-amaz-x.jpg (106791 bytes)

2. Video 3-Pack, Red Zone Cuba, The Atomic Brain, I Accuse My Parents, 1997 by Rhino Home Video

        nbb-vid-3pk-1.jpg (37094 bytes)

3. Poopie video (variation), 1998 by Rhino Home Video; Also sold in 3-Pack with Manos and Gunslinger
        Although the original Poopie video was released by Best Brains, Rhino released it later with new box art.

        nbb-vid-poop.jpg (90829 bytes)     nbb-vid-poop-x.jpg (104083 bytes)         nbb-vid-3pk-4.jpg (37959 bytes)

4. Video 3-Pack, The Crawling Hand, The Wild World of Batwoman, Beginning of the End, 1999 by Rhino Home Video

        nbb-vid-3pk-3.jpg (38223 bytes)

5. Video 3-Pack, Catalina Caper, Skydivers, Shorts Vol. 2, 1999 by Rhino Home Video

        nbb-vid-3pk-2.jpg (38847 bytes)

6. MST3K: The Movie DVD, 1997  by Image Entertainment

        nbb-dvd-tm.jpg (118053 bytes)     nbb-dvd-tm-x.jpg (132487 bytes)

7. MST3K: The Movie Laserdisc. 1996 by MCA Home Video

        nbb-laser.jpg (48935 bytes)         nbb-laser-x.jpg (57898 bytes)

8. Dave Dorman Lithograph, 1998 by Wizard Authentic Products
        This copy was autographed in the lower right corner by the artist. 
        Lithographs were auctioned off by the Sci-Fi Channel and were given away in various contests.

        nbb-litho-f.jpg (95331 bytes)     nbb-litho-sig.jpg (11994 bytes)    nbb-litho-cert.jpg (39885 bytes)

9. Sony Playstation, issued in Volume 2, Number 1 (Feb 98) of Playstation Underground.
        Mike and the bots are featured in the intro and closing of this games disk preview

        nbb-play.jpg (65509 bytes)

        nbb-play-x.jpg (158517 bytes)

10. Sci-Fi Greatest Hits, Volume 2, The Dark Side CD, 1998 by TVT Records
        Kind of a strange place for the MST3K Theme to show up, but they wanted to put it some where

        nbb-sf-cd2.jpg (62024 bytes)    nbb-sf-cd-x.jpg (81985 bytes)

11. MST3K on the Internet book
        The book on the left is copyright 2000.  The other is 2002.

        nbb-book-2000.jpg (22085 bytes)         nbb-book-2002.jpg (35020 bytes)

12. MST3K: The Movie DVD release from Germany.  April 2006
All dialogue was dubbed into German by comedians Oliver Kalkofe and Oliver Weike.  The DVD included a Making of the German version featurette and a second disc with the unMSTied This Island Earth.


13. DVD 4-Pack Volume 10: Godzilla vs. Megalon (212), Swamp Diamonds (503), Teen-age Strangler (514); Giant Spider Invasion (810)
DVD Volume 10 was released on 8/29/06, but for some reason was discontinued on 10/25/06.  Therefore, it was never featured in an official Best Brains merchandise catalogue.

        dvd10a.jpg (85723 bytes)    dvd10b.jpg (100870 bytes)

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