Non-BBI Merchandise

Hats and Mugs

There have been a variety of sources of MST3K items made and sold without ever appearing in a BBI catalog.  Some were made by fans of the show while many others resulted from the merchandising agreement with MCA/ Universal after the release of MST3K: The Movie.

I know of other items that were available, but I did not get the opportunity to pick them up.  If you have one not pictured here please contact me.  Here are the ones I have run across.

1. MST3K: The Movie Hat, 1996

        nbb-hat-themovie.jpg (14720 bytes)

2. Silver Planet Logo Hat, c.1996

        nbb-hat-silvlogo.jpg (14790 bytes)

3. MST3K Hat, c.1997

        nbb-hat-mst3k.jpg (15536 bytes)

4. Satellite News Hat, 1999

        nbb-hat-satnews.jpg (16458 bytes)

5. MST3K The Movie Mug, 1996

        nbb-mug-tm-a.jpg (17126 bytes)    nbb-mug-tm-b.jpg (18621 bytes)

6. Green Planet Logo Mug, 1997

        nbb-mug-logo.jpg (19310 bytes)    nbb-mug-logox.jpg (20731 bytes)


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