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There have been a variety of sources of MST3K items made and sold without ever appearing in a BBI catalog.  Some were made by fans of the show while many others resulted from the merchandising agreement with MCA/ Universal after the release of MST3K: The Movie.

I know of other items that were available, but I did not get the opportunity to pick them up.  If you have one not pictured here please contact me.  Here are the ones I have run across.

1. Mouse Pad with picture from Teenagers From Outer Space (404),   c. 1997

    nbb-maus1.jpg (55385 bytes)

2. Mouse Pad with picture from Summer Blockbuster Review, 1998

    nbb-maus2.jpg (49330 bytes)

3. Mailing Labels, 1998 (various designs added over the years)

    mst3klabels.jpg (37358 bytes)

4. MST Information CDs and Screensavers, 1999 
    A long time MSTie burned a huge amount of information and memorabilia on a variety of disks.  A large portion of his original MST3K items were added to my own collection about the time he started offering these disks.  A few examples are shown below.

    nbb-ebay-cd1.jpg (19823 bytes)        nbb-ebay-cd2.jpg (18992 bytes)

5. Tom Servo Pewter Necklace, 1998 by Chris Orlando (originally designed in 1995)

    nbb-servoneck.jpg (28060 bytes)

6. MST3K Caricature Prints, 2000 by Brian Davis
        Along with the cast as seen below there were also prints for Gamera vs. Guiron (312), Manos (424), Laserblast (706), Mole People (803), Incredibly Strange Creatures (812) and Horrors of Party Beach (817)
    nbb-charicature.jpg (170030 bytes)

7. Mystery Science Theater Street Signs, 2000

    nbb-street.jpg (47565 bytes)

8. Light Switch Plate, 2001

    nbb-switch.jpg (25270 bytes)

9. MST2600, 2001


10. ACEG 2 - Seasons 8-10, issued c. 2001
This is actually a collection of print outs of the episode write-ups done by the MST writers and posted on the Sci-Fi Dominion.


11. Mouse Pads and Checkbook Cover, 2002 by Star Haven Designs
       There are a wide variety of images for both the mouse pad and the checkbook cover.

    nbb-maus-drf.jpg (33100 bytes)        nbb-checkbook.jpg (25458 bytes)

12. Card Holders, Pill Boxes, Lighters, Chokers, Key chains, Chrome Cases, and Bracelets, 2002 by Jade Tiger Art

13. MST3K Art Prints, 2002 by Jean Jackson, Inc.
These wonderful prints may not have been available on eBay, but are still available on Jean's website  Below is a personal favorite, Nightmads, a clever parody of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks (see thumbnail below).

    nighthawks-comp.jpg (65255 bytes)

14. MST3K:TM Window Decal, Magnets, Christmas Labels, T-Shirts, Pillow Case.  2003


15. MST3K:TM Mouse Pad, 2003


16. MST3K Pins, 2003


17. WWJD Bumper Sticker, 2003


18. Gizmonic/ Deep 13 etched shot glasses, 2005


19. Vinyl silhouette made of either white or black vinyl, also in various sizes, 2005



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