MST3K: The Movie
1994 - 1997

From conception, filming, release and beyond here is a collection of things related to Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie.

1. An RTC copy of This Island Earth used by Best Brains

    mem-tm-tis-dub.jpg (22127 bytes)

2. First draft of the script for MST3K: The Movie (1994).   Originally Frank was included in the story and the host segments were much more extravagant.  Here are the opening pages.

    mem-tm-scr1-cov.jpg (51453 bytes)     mem-tm-scr1-1.jpg (90287 bytes)     mem-tm-scr1-2.jpg (90477 bytes)

3. The Help Us postcard mail out by Best Brains urging MSTies to write Universal President Casey Silver in the Spring of 1994

    mem-tm-help.jpg (57077 bytes)

    mem-tm-help2.jpg (59738 bytes)

4. The Universal Appeal button worn by MSTies attending the September 94 Conventio-Con in order to help impress the Universal executives that were also in attendance.

    mem-con-1-pin-univ.jpg (16579 bytes)

5. A later edition of the shooting script (March 17 and 28, 1995) which still includes the storm shelter sequence and the original ending.  Here are the opening few pages plus the first page of riffing on This Island Earth.

    mem-tm-scr2-a.jpg (57294 bytes)     mem-tm-scr2-b.jpg (80776 bytes)     mem-tm-scr2-c.jpg (73754 bytes)     mem-tm-scr2-d.jpg (76041 bytes)

6. The original storyboards for the host segments illustrated by Rich Larson who later helped with the Sci-Fi Dominion series Edward the Less.  The examples below are from the opening with Dr. F, Mike trying to save Tom from the hull breach and a couple pages from the cut storm shelter sequence.

    mem-tm-story1.jpg (201355 bytes)     mem-tm-story4.jpg (182461 bytes)     mem-tm-story2.jpg (185100 bytes)     mem-tm-story3.jpg (166957 bytes)

7. An actual film crew jacket worn by BBI Production Manager Wendell Jon Andersson.   Including the certificate of authenticy from Wendell signed by Trace along with pictures of Trace modeling the jacket.

    mem-tm-crewjack.jpg (17281 bytes)    mem-tm-crewjack-x.jpg (20093 bytes)     mem-tm-jack-cert.jpg (89161 bytes)    mem-tm-jack-cert2.jpg (87640 bytes)

8. Film crew hat obtained from ex-Info Club Poobah Julie Walker.

    mem-tm-crewhat.jpg (19193 bytes)

9. Actual Shooting Schedule (7 pages) from March and April 1995

    mem-tm-shotlist.jpg (155265 bytes)

10. Some early sketches (possibly by Kevin) during development of what I believe is the revised ending to the movie.   Notice the interociter showing Servo, Mike and Gypsy (lower left), then Dr. F seems to blow himself up (upper right) then a final shot when Dr. F reappears with another character (Benkitnorf, maybe?) (lower right).

    mem-tm-drawings.jpg (102706 bytes)

11. 35mm trailer for the release of the movie

    mem-tm-trailer.jpg (23722 bytes)

12. 9 card promotional set first seen at a comic convention in San Diego in September 1995

    mem-tm-cardset.jpg (188593 bytes)        mem-tm-card-bk.jpg (31217 bytes)

13. Press Kit issued by Universal Studios

    mem-tm-prsskt-u.jpg (17994 bytes)

14. Press Kit issued by Gramercy

    mem-tm-prsskt-g.jpg (18226 bytes)

15. Some newspaper photos from the publicity tour in New York City, 4/8-10/96


16. An Evening with Jim Mallon and Trace Beaulieu at The Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles 4/12/96.
The evening included a screening of MST3K: The Movie and special guest appearance by Rex Reason.

            jim-trace-LA3.jpg (130044 bytes)

17. Print ad appearing in magazines immediately before the movie's release.


18. Premiere tickets from Avco Center Cinema in Westwood (LA), CA on 4/16/96 and the AMC Glen Lakes Theater in Dallas, TX on 4/17/96

            mem-tm-prem-ill.jpg (59909 bytes)

19. Flier handed out at premiere asking for MSTies to contact the Sci-Fi Channel to pick up the show

    mem-tm-handout.jpg (124752 bytes)

20. Minneapolis premiere ticket.  This was the official World Premiere attended by the staff of Best Brains, Inc.

    mem-tm-tick-mn.jpg (69399 bytes)

21. Some snap shots taken at the premiere in Minneapolis, 4/18/96.



22. Mini-poster (17"x25") given out at premiere of movie.   The image is identical to the one sheet.

    mem-tm-poster-sm.jpg (96102 bytes)

23. Double-sided one sheet movie poster (41"x27") - autographed by Jim, Kevin and Trace

    mem-tm-poster-auto.jpg (101969 bytes)     

24. Movie Marquee, 2" x 9" back-lit mylar used at theater ticket booths.


25. Newspaper ads from Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, 4/19/96



26. Snap shot taken at the Mall of America Planet Hollywood as Jim, Mike, Kevin and Trace present them with a Tom Servo.  4/19/96

27. Movie T-Shirt prototype for version actually sold.  This version did not have a copyright date printed on it.

    mem-tm-proto.jpg (15977 bytes)    mem-tm-proto-x.jpg (16966 bytes)

28. Movie T-Shirt prototype.  White version that was never sold to public.

    mem-tm-whitet.jpg (16080 bytes)    mem-tm-whitet-x.jpg (20750 bytes)

29. Premiere Ticket from Buffalo, NY.  5/9/96


30. Screener tape for video release of movie, including the trailer

    mem-tm-screener.jpg (74800 bytes)                 mem-tm-screener-x.jpg (100865 bytes)

31. Video press kit from MCA

    mem-tm-prsskt-vid.jpg (21360 bytes)

32. Video release poster


33. Video in-store loop

        mem-tm-vid-prev.jpg (65990 bytes)         mem-tm-vid-prevx.jpg (82700 bytes)

34. Just to show how Universal this movie was, here is an advertisement from Thailand.

    mem-tm-thai.jpg (115403 bytes)        mem-tm-thai2.jpg (95199 bytes)

35. An ad for MST3K: The Movie from Australia


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