The Sci-Fi Channel Era
1997 - 1999

Items associated with the Sci-Fi Channel (SFC) episodes and era are included in the collection below.

1. Glossy proofs for the original Sci-Fi Channel ads announcing they had picked up MST3K.  The third picture was not used in many trade journals.  I included a close-up of the text of each.

    mem-sf-adproof.jpg (21125 bytes)   

    mem-sf-ad97c.jpg (98309 bytes)         mem-sf-ad97c-x.jpg (66855 bytes)

    mem-sf-ad97b.jpg (92614 bytes)         mem-sf-ad97b-x.jpg (62624 bytes)

    mem-sf-ad97.jpg (78171 bytes)         mem-sf-ad97a-x.jpg (57134 bytes)

2. Large (2'x3') character posters from the walls of the Best Brains Studio in Eden Prairie, MN
    These were purchased at the on-site auction of the BBI Studios in June 1999.  You can see three of the posters in the picture on the right.

    mem-sf-bbiposters.jpg (27900 bytes)        mem-sf-post-bbi.jpg (38012 bytes)

    mem-sf-bbipost-s.jpg (65582 bytes)    mem-sf-bbipost-c.jpg (62655 bytes)    mem-sf-bbipost-b.jpg (67398 bytes)    mem-sf-bbipost-p.jpg (58911 bytes)

3. Press kit season 8

    mem-sf-press-8.jpg (21212 bytes)

4. The Thing That Couldn't Die (805) script - autographed for a charity function
        The draft copy of episode 805 given to a local Minneapolis charity to auction off.  This episode introduced the Observer characters.

    mem-sfc-805.jpg (95723 bytes)    mem-sfc-805-2.jpg (72449 bytes)     mem-sfc-805-3.jpg (83974 bytes)

5. SFC Promotional Card Set was released during season 8 (1997).   The parallelogram-shaped cards had foil fronts and advertised various shows currently on the SFC.

    mem-sf-card-case.jpg (40911 bytes)    mem-sf-card-1.jpg (47179 bytes)

    mem-sf-card-2.jpg (74347 bytes)    mem-sf-card-2-bk.jpg (73214 bytes)

6. Rhino video unbuilt 3-Pack boxes.

    mem-sfc-box.jpg (62811 bytes)        mem-sfc-box2.jpg (41776 bytes)

7.  Autographed copies of Here Comes the Big People comics sent to me by Trace Beaulieu, Sept 1997.


8.  Bot Builder Booklet early proof copy.  Cover and contents different from final product.  c. Feb 1998
The Bot Builder Booklet and the envelopes and stationary shown below were all designed by illustrator Gary Glover.
          A. Early proof copy cover;  B. Cover of final version

   A.     B.

9.  Early proofs for Best Brains, Inc envelopes.  Feb 1998
A. First color proof; B. Grey scale proof; C. Final BBI envelope (note: after BBI moved in July 1999 they simply crossed out the address)

A. B.


10.  Early proofs for Best Brains, Inc stationary.  Feb 1998
            Note: a version of the stationary was eventually sold by Best Brains starting with the Holiday 2000 merchandise catalog.
            A. Early color proof; B. Second color proof; C. Final BBI stationary; D. After BBI moved in July 1999 they used this plain version.

   A. B.

    C.        D.

11. Press kit season 9

    mem-sf-press-9.jpg (23096 bytes)

12. Episode screener The Projected Man (901).  Note: This tape has the original unusual theater sound effect.

    mem-sf-tape901.jpg (42695 bytes)

13. Episode screener Phantom Planet (902)

    mem-sf-tape902.jpg (43317 bytes)

14. SFC Advertising Kit, including screener tape of Academy of Robots' Choice Award Special
        This sales kit was issued between season 8 and 9 and includes a complete, commercial free screener of the Academy of Robots' Choice Awards.

    mem-sf-adkit.jpg (27560 bytes)    mem-sf-adkit2.jpg (25012 bytes)

    mem-sfc-saleskit2.jpg (104349 bytes)        mem-sfc-academy-vid.jpg (43812 bytes)

15. SFC T-Shirt

    mem-sf-t-scifi.jpg (13329 bytes)    mem-sf-t-scifi-x.jpg (11659 bytes)

16. Leather-sleeved Jacket, Sci-Fi logo on front/ MST logo on back


17. Sci-Fi Channel Catalog from Fall 1998, featuring MST on the cover.


18. Tom Servo/ Kevin Murphy autographed post card.
    This card was sent to me as thanks for sending an interesting video to a BBI staff member.

    mem-sf-servo-auto.jpg (31240 bytes)

19. Prototype Tom Servo statue used as model for Moore Creations
    The copy of Tom on the left is supposedly a prototype version that has slightly different coloring, no crystal globe or printing on the bottom.

    mem-moore-compare2.jpg (20189 bytes)

mem-moore-bottom.jpg (42322 bytes)

20. Moore Creations catalogue featuring Tom Servo and Crow statues

    mem-sf-moore-cat.jpg (30771 bytes)    mem-sf-moore-catc.jpg (56214 bytes)    mem-sf-moore-cats.jpg (57657 bytes)    mem-sf-moore-catp.jpg (124272 bytes)

21. Moore Creations ad from a modelers trade journal, c. 1999


22. Joel's coloring book issued in March 1999 to promote his new company Visual Story Tools.

    joel-color02.jpg (41670 bytes)    joel-color03.jpg (45612 bytes)    joel-color04.jpg (47819 bytes)

23. Final tours of BBI Studios were conducted on 3/26/99.  Barb Tebben had some glossy hand outs for keepsakes.

    mem-sf-lasttour-a.jpg (44830 bytes)        mem-sf-lasttour-b.jpg (49201 bytes)

24. Just for the heck of it here are a few of my own items from my trip to Minneapolis for the last Best Brains Studio tour.  3/25/99-3/28/99
     Airline receipt ($581 round trip!), receipt for VHS of Werewolf I picked up at the Mall of America Suncoast Video, ticket from Underwater World also at the Mall, had some decent BBQ that night, boarding pass for the trip back.   By the way three nights at the Hampton Inn - Eden Prairie cost another $246.
25. Press kit season 10

    mem-sf-press-10.jpg (21143 bytes)

26. Episode screener Soultaker (1001)

    mem-sf-tape1001.jpg (43979 bytes)

27. eBay auction announcement postcard mailed out by Best Brains

    ebaysold.jpg (30388 bytes)

28. eBay item certificates signed by Jim Mallon and Beth "Beez" McKeever

    mem-sf-ebaycerts.jpg (21633 bytes)        mem-sf-ebaycert.jpg (75445 bytes)

29. Squirm w/ A Case of Spring Fever (1012) unedited theater segment tape
    This is one of the tapes that was mistakenly sold during the on-site auction at Best Brains Studio in June 1999 before the episode had aired.

    mem-sf-tape1012-uned.jpg (21468 bytes)

30. Diabolik (1013) Script
        This is a draft copy of the final script.  Notice that the final scene would still need to be fleshed out some.

    mem-sf-1013.jpg (95027 bytes)    mem-sf-1013-2.jpg (64673 bytes)     mem-sf-1013-3.jpg (44124 bytes)

31. Press kit final episode
        This press kit is identical to the Season 10 kit except that the picture of Mike and the bots references the air date of the final episode.

    mem-sf-press-10f.jpg (21271 bytes)

32. Episode screener Diabolik (1013)

    mem-sf-tape1013.jpg (43925 bytes)

33. Daily Variety advertisement print, t-shirt and hat sent to contributors by the Satellite News

    varietyad-x.jpg (66755 bytes)    mem-sf-t-satnews.jpg (17383 bytes)    mem-sf-t-satnewsx.jpg (19463 bytes)

34. Freaks & Geeks Script
        Not only was the show produced by J. Elvis "Josh" Weinstien, but also occasionally starred Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu.  This episode included Trace as science teacher Hector Lacovara who introduced the visiting Vice-President elect George Bush at a student assembly.

    mem-sf-freaks.jpg (63830 bytes)

35.  Freaks & Geeks Rough Cut Publicity Screeners
These are original NBC screeners sent out for upcoming episodes.  Girlfriends and Boyfriends featured Trace and Looks and Books featured Joel.


36. MST3K: The Model autographed assembly instructions

    mem-sf-model-auto.jpg (113300 bytes)

37. SFC Era magazines

mem-sf-971200.jpg (66106 bytes) 19970100b.jpg (112852 bytes) 19970126.jpg (68634 bytes) 19970200.jpg (70753 bytes) mem-sf-970200.jpg (108413 bytes) mem-sf-970200x.jpg (103714 bytes) mem-sf-970200y.jpg (103087 bytes) 19970201.jpg (70066 bytes)
Winter 97
Videoscope #21
Winter 97
TV Week - Chicago
The Cable Guide
Feb 97
Femme Fatales
Feb 97
Feb 97
Sci-Fi Entertainment
Feb 97
TV Guide
Very negative article about MST Brain That Wouldn't Die review   New MST3K: 3000 Reasons
(pic D)
Kim Catrall on MST3K Behind the scenes
(pic C)
New on Sci-Fi
(pics A, B)
3 items: Hits & Misses, Saturday Guide and Cable Close Up
19970207.jpg (77298 bytes) 19970208.jpg (62479 bytes) 19970214.jpg (81250 bytes) 19970215.jpg (93666 bytes) 19970221.jpg (84511 bytes) mem-sf-970306.jpg (93069 bytes) 19970307.jpg (77882 bytes) 19970400.jpg (90010 bytes)
Entertainment Weekly
TV Guide
Entertainment Weekly
TV Guide
Entertainment Weekly
Rolling Stone
Entertainment Weekly
Apr 97
MST debuts on Sci-Fi Channel Full page B&W Servo ad Small Servo ad on page 52
(pic F)
Comet Relief - mentions Rocky Jones Full page Crow ad on page 55 Full page Sci-Fi Channel ad with Crow Small Crow ad on page 55
(pic G)
19970830.jpg (83351 bytes) mem-sf-970901.jpg (128007 bytes) 19970920.jpg (74072 bytes) mem-sf-971100.jpg (101200 bytes) 19971115.jpg (74666 bytes) 19980100.jpg (96771 bytes) 19980300.jpg (76065 bytes) mem-sf-980400.jpg (82671 bytes)
TV Guide
Sep 97
TV Guide
Sci-Fi Entertainment
Nov 97
TV Guide
Videoscope #25
Winter 98
Cult-TV (British)
March 98
Sci-Fi Entertainment
Apr 98
Blockbuster Review plus great pic of Mike & Bots as MIB
(pic H)
Blockbuster Review Crossword: MST Bot (CROW) MST goes to UK
(pics I, J, K)
MST listed as CableACE nominee Unearthly VHS review TV Choice Saturday - MST
(pic X)
Full page Best Buy ad
(pic L)
19980700.jpg (99271 bytes) 19980900-2.jpg (101565 bytes) 19980900.jpg (105102 bytes) 19981016.jpg (90083 bytes) 19981017.jpg (85109 bytes) mem-sf-981100.jpg (74061 bytes) 19990100.jpg (104197 bytes) mem-sf-990200.jpg (86363 bytes)
Videoscope #27
Summer 98
Young Justice #1
Sep 98
Videoscope #28
Fall 98
Entertainment Weekly
TV Guide
Nov/Dec 98
Videoscope #29
Winter 99
Sci-Fi Entertainment
Feb 99
3 video reviews First of many MST references in 55 issue run through May 2003 3 video reviews Top 10 worst SF movies Crossword: MST3K's Tom (SERVO)   2 video reviews Article about MST model
mem-sf-990400.jpg (98479 bytes) 19990403.jpg (86573 bytes) mem-sf-990408.jpg (86514 bytes) mem-sf-990411.jpg (108213 bytes) mem-sf-990500.jpg (98377 bytes) 19990500b.jpg (69978 bytes) mem-sf-990618.jpg (104873 bytes) mem-sf-990700.jpg (88219 bytes)
Sci-Fi Entertainment
Apr 99
TV Guide
Time Out New York
TV Week (Toledo, OH)
May 99
May 99
Daily Variety
Jul/Aug 99
10th Season starting OK, this is a stretch.   TV Guide 3000 and a Matt Groenig cover Joel interview Curtain falling on MST   Article about Futurama called Mystery Science Theater 3000 Save MST ad
(pics M, N)
Mike Nelson interview
mem-sf-990700x.jpg (107670 bytes) 19990800-1.jpg (84880 bytes) 19990800-2.jpg (97333 bytes) 19990807.jpg (72094 bytes) mem-sf-990807.jpg (93973 bytes) 19990807c.jpg (71625 bytes) 19990808.jpg (57299 bytes)  
Videoscope #31
Summer 99
Empty Love Stories #2
Aug 99
Aug 99
TV Guide (Large Ed)
TV Guide
TV Guide
TV Star - Ventura, CA
The Final Daze A great interview with Kevin and Mike.  ONLY IN THE 2ND PRINTING. TV logo jumble includes MST planet logo MSTie Memories by Mike MSTie Memories by Mike
(cover 1 of 2)
MSTie Memories by Mike
(cover 2 of 2)
Their Last Awful Film  

A.    B.

C.    D.   
E. mem-sf-970200yc.jpg (84141 bytes)


H.    I. 

K. X.

L.mem-sf-980400a.jpg (99050 bytes)    M.mem-sf-990618a.jpg (164740 bytes)    N.

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