The Comedy Central Years

These are the items I've found dating from the later years that MST3K appeared on Comedy Central

31. Invitation to an MST night at the Fermilab near Chicago.

        mem-cc-fermi.jpg (62335 bytes)

32. Joel's X-Box R&D video became available around Feb 1995.

        mem-cc-vid-xbox.jpg (20590 bytes)

33. The Frank Conniff Information Club (FCIC) launched in March 1995.  I have issues and mailings up to June 1997.  Below are the original announcement letter of the upcoming fanzine, some covers and one of the membership cards.

        mem-cc-fan-frank1.jpg (101046 bytes)    mem-cc-fan-frank2.jpg (112146 bytes)    mem-cc-fan-frank3.jpg (112953 bytes)    mem-cc-fan-frank4.jpg (126375 bytes)    mem-cc-fan-frank5.jpg (31951 bytes)

34. 9/19/95 BBI memo from Wendell Andersson preparing for recording of new season 7 theme song.

       mem-cc-sea7-theme.jpg (36700 bytes)

35. Examples of BBI schedules: a) Sept. 95 planning calendar, b) Sept. 95 delivery schedule, c) Oct 95 revised production schedule

        a)mem-cc-cal95-plan.jpg (56719 bytes)    b)mem-cc-cal95-del.jpg (66420 bytes)    c)mem-cc-cal95-rev.jpg (86420 bytes)

36. Various season 7 BBI documents, including: a) early draft of the 701 Phones host segment, b) a draft description of a character to be played by Paul, c) 702 Credit Roll, d) 703 host segment 1 draft, e) 704 prologue draft, f) 704 host segment 3 draft.  I've only posted the first page of each document.  Most are 3-5 pages long.

    a)mem-cc-701-hsdraft.jpg (63867 bytes)    b)mem-cc-sea7-vague.jpg (55458 bytes)    c)mem-cc-702-credits.jpg (40509 bytes)    d)mem-cc-703-hs1draft.jpg (58832 bytes)    e)mem-cc-704-prol.jpg (55287 bytes)     f)mem-cc-704-hs3draft.jpg (63967 bytes)

37. 706 Dress Rehearsal documents: a) Scene list, b, c) hand written log sheets, d, e) page 1 of 24, change made to Host Segment 1.

    a)mem-cc-706dr-sch.jpg (74557 bytes)    b)mem-cc-706dr-log1.jpg (89130 bytes)    c)mem-cc-706dr-log2.jpg (80647 bytes)    d)mem-cc-706dr-scr1.jpg (62303 bytes)    e)mem-cc-706dr-scr2.jpg (53772 bytes)

38. 706 Shooting documents: a) Shooting schedule, b) modified end to Host Segment 1, c, d) pages 23-24 of 24.

    a)mem-cc-706sh-sch.jpg (78524 bytes)    b)mem-cc-706sh-scr3.jpg (43641 bytes)    c)mem-cc-706sh-scr1.jpg (86404 bytes)    d)mem-cc-706sh-scr2.jpg (46935 bytes)

39. 1995 magazines

19950100-1.jpg (116477 bytes) 19950100-2.jpg (73902 bytes) mem-cc-9501.jpg (122637 bytes) 19950114.jpg (69754 bytes) 19950324.jpg (73994 bytes) 19950325.jpg (68750 bytes) 19950400.jpg (79532 bytes) mem-cc-9504.jpg (117223 bytes)
Techno Issue
Winter 95
Jan 95
Starlog #210
Jan 95
TV Guide
Entertainment Weekly
TV Guide
Femme Fatale
Spring 95
April 95
  Interview with Tom Servo Lots of pics from the 94 Convention
(pics A, B, C, D)
MST listed as a CableACE nominee MST predicts the Oscars MST Oscar Special mentioned (pic Z)  
19950407.jpg (76115 bytes) mem-cc-9505.jpg (90797 bytes) 19950513.jpg (77031 bytes) 19950603.jpg (78056 bytes) 19950610.jpg (73875 bytes) mem-cc-95sum-fall.jpg (118804 bytes) mem-cc-9507-8.jpg (96638 bytes) mem-cc-950715.jpg (119023 bytes)
Entertainment Weekly
The aXed Files
May 95
TV Guide
TV Guide
TV Guide
Cool Stuff
Summer/Fall 95
Film Comment
Jul/Aug 95
TV Guide
Servo quote from the Oscar Special Spoof on X Files with a cameo by Tom and Crow

(pics E, F)

MST mentioned in story about Roger Corman Cheers to Comedy Central for returning MST to midnights Sci-Fi Fantasy - Roger Corman interview     Some behind the scenes stuff from MST3K: The Movie
(pics G, H. I)
mem-cc-9508.jpg (85765 bytes) 19950805.jpg (67355 bytes) 19950812.jpg (62644 bytes) 19950915.jpg (77536 bytes) 19950925.jpg (80569 bytes) 19951000.jpg (85774 bytes) 19951020.jpg (84794 bytes) 19951100.jpg (83781 bytes)
Aug 95
TV Guide
TV Guide
Entertainment Weekly
Oct 95
Entertainment Weekly
Nov 95
  Letter about MST3k:The Movie Mystery word puzzle featuring MST3K Loser of the Week - Attack of the Killer B Movies I love the silhouette on the cover Not & Hot List (Hot) Joel writing for Space Ghost.  Also, first MST merchandise ad in national mag.
(pic X)
Video Section: Guest Shot
mem-cc-9512.jpg (113447 bytes) mem-cc-95.jpg (139293 bytes) mem-cc-9512prem.jpg (106734 bytes) 19951215.jpg (77186 bytes) 19951223.jpg (73229 bytes)      
Dec 95
Outre #4
Dec 95
Entertainment Weekly
TV Guide
Tom and Crow show up in the Apollo 13 bit
(pics J, K)
Some neat graphics that used the silhouette that came in the very first Life Survival Kits
(pic M)
Not an MST story, but the title of an article on an FX company showed MST's influence
(pic L)
RIP MST3K Jeers to Comedy Central for canceling MST      

A. mag-9501a.jpg (44618 bytes) B. mag-9501b.jpg (41501 bytes)

C. mag-9501c.jpg (32115 bytes) D. mag-9501d.jpg (28039 bytes)

Z. E. mag-9505a.jpg (47324 bytes)   F. mag-9505b.jpg (117217 bytes)  X.  19951020-a.jpg (88008 bytes)

G.mag-950715a.jpg (39447 bytes) H.mag-950715b.jpg (22857 bytes) I.mag-950715c.jpg (27478 bytes)

J. mag-9512a.jpg (35318 bytes) K. mag-9512b.jpg (56387 bytes)

L. mag-9512prem.jpg (25063 bytes)        M. mag-95outre.jpg (24453 bytes)

40. Comedy Central T-Shirt, c. 1995-6



41. Amazing Colossal Episode Guide development documents: a) alternate cover design, b) draft of episode 110 write up, c) proposed advertisement verbiage, d) alternate layout for author's bios.

    a)mem-cc-aceg-cov.jpg (95469 bytes)     b)mem-cc-aceg-110.jpg (95182 bytes)     c)mem-cc-aceg-ad.jpg (84423 bytes)     d)mem-cc-aceg-auth.jpg (194376 bytes)

41. April 1996 ad slick for the first MST3K video releases by Rhino Home Video

        mem-cc-vid-ad1.jpg (124211 bytes)     mem-cc-vid-ad2.jpg (191935 bytes)    mem-cc-vid-ad3.jpg (88666 bytes)

42. Columbia House mailer to join the MST3K Video Club (new tapes every 4-6 weeks), Nov 1996



43. 1996 magazines
        Lots of things were going on in 1996.  The show was cancelled, the movie and the book came out, the show was picked up by the Sci-Fi Channel and the second convention.  The media had a field day.

mem-cc-96kulture.jpg (115399 bytes) mem-cc-96request.jpg (103940 bytes) mem-cc-9602.jpg (111618 bytes) mem-cc-960203.jpg (98785 bytes) 19960219.jpg (89878 bytes) 19960223.jpg (90221 bytes) 19960300-1.jpg (92528 bytes) mem-cc-9603sl.jpg (129502 bytes)
Feb 96
TV Guide
Entertainment Weekly
Science Fiction Age
Mar 96
Starlog #224
Mar 96
Show cancelled Beatles 68-96 fanzine.  Mike, Kevin and Paul give their ideas why Beatles broke up Upcoming movie Comedy Central reconsidering cancellation of MST Picks and Pans Mystery Date Article about MST3K:TM Trace Beaulieu interview with lots of pictures from MST3K: The Movie
(pics A, B,C)
19960316.jpg (85425 bytes) mem-cc-9604cin.jpg (114219 bytes) mem-cc-9604cin-2.jpg (135038 bytes) mem-cc-9604mon.jpg (130020 bytes) 19960400.jpg (65529 bytes) mem-cc-9604sf.jpg (148181 bytes) mem-cc-9604star.jpg (128694 bytes) 19960400-2.jpg (83438 bytes)
TV Guide
Apr 96
Apr 96
Apr 96
Puppetry Journal
Spring 96
Sci-Fi Entertainment
Apr 96
Starlog #225
Apr 96
Videoscope #18
Spring 96
Update on talks with Comedy Central MST3K: TM in theaters.
Cool picture of bots with computer
(pic D)
Same contents as other Cinefantastique, but with a tamer cover photo. Stinky Cinematic Suppositories   Includes a letter to the editor to Help Save MST.  Also an early movie merchandise ad
(pic E)
Kevin Murphy interview Some Like It Bot/ This Island Mirth
19960417.jpg (80983 bytes) 19960419.jpg (95207 bytes) mem-cc-960422.jpg (102553 bytes) 19960426.jpg (72256 bytes) 19960429.jpg (87452 bytes) 19960500.jpg (85567 bytes) mem-cc-9605sfu.jpg (109902 bytes) mem-cc-9605star.jpg (127948 bytes)
Show Wednesday
Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly
May 96
Sci-Fi Universe
May 96
Starlog #226
May 96
Weird Science The Greatest Cheese/ also review of ACEG Robot Critics Take Flight Jim Mullen's Hot List movie review Last Dance It's Not Rocket Science This Island Laughter
mem-cc-960502rs.jpg (131361 bytes) 19960506.jpg (87424 bytes) mem-cc-960511.jpg (84936 bytes) 19960517.jpg (76965 bytes) 19960600.jpg (106421 bytes) 19960600-1.jpg (79251 bytes) mem-cc-9606sf.jpg (119938 bytes) 19960600-2.jpg (79062 bytes)
Rolling Stone
TV Guide
Entertainment Weekly
Jun/Jul 96
Jun 96


Sci-Fi Entertainment
Jun 96
Starlog #227
Jun 96
Invasion of the Brain Snatcher.
Includes a cool caricature of that summers top movies (pic F)
MST3K:TM  weekly box office results listed The Bots Go Bye-Bye.
Pics of Mike as Captain Janeway and Dr F
(pics G, H)
Box office losers (ouch) Movie related article
(pic X)
  Unsinkable Satellite of Love.
Cool behind the scenes pic of Trace and Kevin
(pic I)
Gypsy Love/ also correction on p25.
Lots of behind the scenes pics.
(pics S, T, U)
19960601.jpg (73945 bytes) mem-cc-960614.jpg (101060 bytes) mem-cc-9607boom.jpg (111815 bytes) 19960700.jpg (95261 bytes) 19960700c.jpg (95635 bytes) mem-cc-9607wond.jpg (140516 bytes) 19960708.jpg (85147 bytes) 19960719.jpg (81768 bytes)
TV Guide
Entertainment Weekly
Baby Boomer Collectibles
Jul 96
TV Scene
Sum/Fall 96
Videoscope #19
Summer 96
Wonder #12
Summer 96
Entertainment Weekly
Sci-Fi Channel and Best Brains close to signing Article about the release of the first MST videos by Rhino Lengthy article about MST plus lots of interesting ads
(J, K, L, M, N)
Movie and TV show info Amazing Colossal Man review Not entirely flattering article about MST Kevin quoted in article about Area 51 Article compares Sci-Fi Channel shows to MST3K
19960720.jpg (64631 bytes) 19960816.jpg (88662 bytes) 19960921.jpg (74928 bytes) mem-cc-9610cin.jpg (93254 bytes) 19961000.jpg (92354 bytes) 19961004.jpg (77941 bytes) 19961026.jpg (84351 bytes) mem-cc-9611genii.jpg (89485 bytes)
TV Guide
Entertainment Weekly
TV Guide
Oct 96
Videoscope #20
Fall 96
Entertainment Weekly
TV Guide
Nov 96
Weird Science Mystery Science - about CD-ROM MST signs with the Sci-Fi Channel Reviews of MST3K:TM, ACEG and the last episode MST3K:TM review MST3K:TM video release Without A Trace Magic magazine -  article about Joel with lots of pictures and some of Joel's hand drawn magic tricks
(O, P, Q, R)
19961116.jpg (79079 bytes) 19961200.jpg (81915 bytes)            
TV Guide
Entertainment @Home
c. Dec 96
MST listed as a CableACE nominee Mike article            

A.mag-9603sl-1.jpg (52751 bytes)  B.mag-9603sl-3.jpg (28642 bytes)    C.mag-9603sl-2.jpg (35300 bytes)
S.    T.
U.   X.

D.mag-9604cin.jpg (71049 bytes)     E.mag-9604sf-ad.jpg (47073 bytes)

F.mag-960502.jpg (74873 bytes)     I.mag-9606sf.jpg (61140 bytes)

G.mag-960511a.jpg (57718 bytes)     H.mag-960511b.jpg (61732 bytes)

J.mag-9607boom1.jpg (54648 bytes)    K.mag-9607boom2.jpg (43621 bytes)

L.mag-9607boom3.jpg (42982 bytes)    M.mag-9607boom4.jpg (43592 bytes)    N.mag-9607boom5.jpg (43651 bytes)

O.mag-9611a.jpg (23838 bytes)     P.mag-9611b.jpg (181527 bytes)     Q.mag-9611c.jpg (144168 bytes)     R.mag-9611d.jpg (143321 bytes)


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