The Comedy Central Years

These are the items I've found dating from the early years that MST3K appeared on Comedy Central

1. In October 1991 Comedy Central sent out some fact sheets about the new channel included in press kits.  This is the cover page.

        mem-cc-factsht.jpg (70319 bytes)

2. A letter from Comedy Central dated 11-18-91 announced the first Turkey Day marathon.

        mem-cc-td911118.jpg (72333 bytes)

3. Comedy Central badge from 1991


4. 1991 Magazines

mem-cc-910504.jpg (108977 bytes) mem-cc-910816.jpg (107059 bytes) 19910906.jpg (74277 bytes) 19910913.jpg (81459 bytes) 19911100.jpg (97821 bytes)      
TV Guide
Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly
Satellite Orbit
Nov 91
MST is one of few shows worth salvaging from Comedy Channel
(large format only)
Pics A, B
MST is quickly becoming cable's hippest show.
Pic C
Letter mentions MST Short mention of new shows coming up Tuning In: MST3K Marathon
(article about the Turkey Day Marathon)

        A.mag-910504.jpg (40155 bytes)    B.mag-910504-2.jpg (51317 bytes)

C.mag-910816.jpg (38362 bytes)

5. Best Brains created their own Press Kits by reprinting copies of newspaper and magazine articles on their own PRESS format.  The version I have is from February 1992 and consists of 42 pages.  Below are just a few examples including the first press release from 12-19-88 and Tom Shales Best of 1991 from the Washington Post.

        mem01.jpg (114748 bytes)    mem02.jpg (107288 bytes)    mem03.jpg (130196 bytes)    mem04.jpg (129090 bytes)    mem05.jpg (127181 bytes)

6. If At All Possible Involve A Cow by Neil Steinberg released in July 1992 with an article about Jim Mallon's antics while at the University of Wisconsin.

    mem-cc-cow.jpg (81821 bytes)

7. The Killer Shrews (407) script.  Here is the invention exchange.

        mem-cc-scr-407a.jpg (87135 bytes)     mem-cc-scr-407b.jpg (75745 bytes)     mem-cc-scr-407c.jpg (68406 bytes)

8. Mystery Science Manifesto 3000 (MSM3K) was one of the earliest, and most unusual, fanzines.  Its first issue came out September 1992.  There were 12 or 13 issues ending in early 1995.  The first and last issue I have are shown below.

        mem-cc-fan-msm1.jpg (50814 bytes)             mem-cc-fan-msm2.jpg (36408 bytes)

9. Comedy Central put out their official press kits like the one below from October 1992.  This one included a glossy 8x10 pictures, 2 color slides and a number of informational packets about MST3K and other shows on Comedy Central.

        mem-cc-press92.jpg (23228 bytes)    mem-cc-press92-a.jpg (107383 bytes)    mem-cc-press92-b.jpg (102843 bytes)    mem-cc-press92-c.jpg (90195 bytes)

10. Press photo for September 14, 1992 airing of This is Spinal Tap and 1992 MST3K Turkey Day Marathon.

        This is MST Press Photo.jpg (83538 bytes)

11. Comedy Central sent out this popular post card to announce the second Turkey Day Marathon in November 1992.

        mem-cc-92td-pc.jpg (84868 bytes)

        mem-cc-92td-bk.jpg (62469 bytes)

12. 1992 magazines

19920000.jpg (69284 bytes) mem-cc-9202.jpg (92963 bytes) mem-cc-920221.jpg (96371 bytes) mem-cc-9203pulse.jpg (130610 bytes) mem-cc-920319.jpg (117623 bytes) mem-cc-920322sat.jpg (89889 bytes) 19920404.jpg (79671 bytes) mem-cc-920418.jpg (99551 bytes)
Wipe Out #6
Feb 92
Entertainment Weekly
Mar 92
Rolling Stone
Satellite TV Week
TV Guide
TV Guide
Very negative article about MST Movies From Outer Space Small article about MST merchandise

(see article below)

The Art of Heckling Gag U. - about Jim Mallon's Pail & Shovel Party Huge magazine Dennis Miller - What I Watch Big Fans on Campus
19920605.jpg (75652 bytes) mem-cc-920608.jpg (119601 bytes) mem-cc-9208omni.jpg (120455 bytes) mem-cc-9211prem.jpg (126563 bytes) 19921120.jpg (73610 bytes) mem-cc-9212sev.jpg (119581 bytes) mem-cc-921204.jpg (104462 bytes) mem-cc-921211.jpg (100667 bytes)
Entertainment Weekly
Aug 92
Nov 92
Entertainment Weekly
Dec 92
Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly
4th season starting Picks & Pans - 4th season about to start Nice article with lots of new pictures
(see 4 pics below)
Cable Ready - mentions upcoming Turkey Day Marathon Brief Turkey Day mention Cool Talk - funniest show on TV Look Who's Watching - rating the movie critics; Joel and bots get A+ TV merchandise you can buy for Xmas, including MST mug.
(see bottom 2 pics)
19921225.jpg (77832 bytes)              
Entertainment Weekly
Joel is quoted on page 9              

            mem-cc-920221x.jpg (75808 bytes)     mag-9208-4.jpg (42978 bytes)

mag-9208-1.jpg (36079 bytes)mag-9208-2.jpg (27357 bytes)mag-9208-3.jpg (25733 bytes)

mag-921211.jpg (33606 bytes)         mag-921211x.jpg (26493 bytes)

13. Crow's Nest, another popular and well done fanzine, debuted with a Jan/ Feb 1993 issue and continued to October 1996.  Many of the issues featured original artwork by Gary Glover among others.  Below are some example covers from each year.  If anyone has a copy of the October 1996 issue I would like to get a copy.

        mem-cc-fan-cro1.jpg (111924 bytes)     mem-cc-fan-cro2.jpg (125523 bytes)     mem-cc-fan-cro3.jpg (105134 bytes)     mem-cc-fan-cro4.jpg (114886 bytes)     mem-cc-fan-cro5.jpg (94554 bytes)

14.  Some original artwork by illustrator Gary Glover used for covers of the Crow's Nest.


15.  Comedy Central sent out this tape in the Spring of 1993 to shamelessly plug some of their shows.  Included is a complete, commercial-free version of This Is MST3K.  (By the way, the Comedy Central News tease at the end of the tape is a piece about Comedy Central creating a new show that they think will be called The Daily Show, or something like that.)

        mem-cc-plug93-x.jpg (23400 bytes)                 mem-cc-plug93.jpg (8264 bytes)

16. Comedy Central supplied the 1993 poster below to a cable company for a local promotion.  As you opened up each fold of the poster you saw a different MST scene.  Once open a large Poster of Joel and the Bots was on the back.

        93post-a.jpg (26029 bytes)         93post-1.jpg (18445 bytes)        Hold up on your trip to Venus.

        93post-2.jpg (28391 bytes)      Postpone transforming yourself into a reptile-like creature.

        93post-3.jpg (55294 bytes)  And ask that slime thing if it can ...

        93poster-full.jpg (126579 bytes)

17. Man or Astroman released their version of the MST3K Love Theme in June 1993.

 mem-cc-astroman.jpg (86136 bytes)mem-cc-astroman2.jpg (59410 bytes)

18. This large, stand-up display was used at cable stations to promote the Pick the Wisecrack contest in the summer of 1993.  The winner of the contest received gifts and appeared in one of the Turkey Day bumpers that year.

        mem-cc-wisecrack.jpg (54979 bytes)

        mem-cc-wisecrack2.jpg (69007 bytes)

19. Some MSTies that entered the Pick the Wisecrack contest and had the correct answer, but did not get selected as the winner were sent a Comedy Central runner up t-shirt

        mem-cc-wise-t.jpg (19174 bytes)    mem-cc-wise-tx.jpg (23940 bytes)    Front

        mem-cc-wise-bk.jpg (19911 bytes)    Back

20. MSTieween 93 took place on 10-30-93 in Edina, MN when a bunch on on-line MSTies held a Halloween party to watch Mike Nelson's debut in The Brain That Wouldn't Die.  Comedy Central catered and filmed the event to use as the bumpers for the 1993 Turkey Day marathon.  An attendee of the event received this tape of all the bumpers as well as the t-shirt shown below.  I included one example of a lead-in screen used for each of the 30+ bumpers.

      mem-cc-td93x.jpg (43235 bytes)  mem-cc-td93.jpg (23622 bytes) mem-cc-td93-clip.jpg (22157 bytes)

21. The MSTieween 93 t-shirt was signed by Kevin, Frank, Jim, Mike and Trace.  While Trace drew a cute drawing of Crow peeking around the planet logo Kevin correctly identified the location of the nipple.

        mem-cc-mstieween-t.jpg (18647 bytes)     mem-cc-mstieween-tx.jpg (23031 bytes)

22. Each of the cast members was given a white lab coat that was worn around the studio for years.  Kevin can be seen during the This Is MST3K special wearing his.  This is the coat worn by Jim Mallon.

        mem-cc-labcoat.jpg (23549 bytes)  mem-cc-labcoat2.jpg (30776 bytes)  mem-cc-labcoat3.jpg (19686 bytes)

23. An excellent collection of MST related newspaper and magazine articles called Shadowramma was re-released around December 1993 (green cover).  It was updated in the Spring of 1994 (orange cover).

    mem-cc-shadow2a.jpg (64634 bytes)             mem-cc-shadow2b.jpg (74460 bytes)

24. 1993 magazines

mem-cc-930118.jpg (100829 bytes) 19930400-1.jpg (83861 bytes) 19930400-2.jpg (74473 bytes) 19930521.jpg (95798 bytes) 19930529.jpg (77549 bytes) 19930700.jpg (85241 bytes) 19930716.jpg (93188 bytes) 19930723.jpg (112599 bytes)
April 1993
Film Threat
April 1993
Entertainment Weekly
TV Guide
TV Guide's Parents' Guide to Chidren's Entertainment
Summer 93
Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly
Hip Lips Dis Yucky Flicks Interesting cover   Compares MST to Beavis and Butthead Jeers to Joel for stepping down as MST host   Fifth season starting Winner of the Week -MST on nightly
mem-cc-930724.jpg (127636 bytes) 19930814.jpg (75917 bytes) mem-cc-930916.jpg (108794 bytes) 19930917.jpg (85424 bytes) mem-cc-93fall2.jpg (98821 bytes) mem-cc-93fall.jpg (122912 bytes) mag-931014.jpg (113477 bytes) 19931023.jpg (80266 bytes)
TV Guide
TV Guide
Rolling Stone
Entertainment Weekly
Bright Lights
Fall 93
Rubber Chicken
Fall 93
Rolling Stone
TV Guide
Joel hands off command to  Mike
(see pic A)
Letter - sorry Joel is leaving Raves Very brief mention that MST gets a new host (p56)     Great full page ad for the Pick the Wisecrack Contest
(see pic B)
19931025.jpg (89124 bytes) 19931029.jpg (91031 bytes) 19931120.jpg (73985 bytes) 19931126.jpg (76824 bytes) mem-cc-93winter.jpg (107221 bytes) mem-cc-931203.jpg (125234 bytes)    
Entertainment Weekly
TV Guide
Entertainment Weekly
Winter 93/94
Entertainment Weekly
New Face In Outer Space Space Shot 1/2 page Turkey Day ad
(see pic C)
Great Turkey Day ad
(see pic D)
  Interview of Tom and Crow
(see pic E)

A.mag-930724.jpg (64457 bytes)      B.mag-931014a.jpg (202015 bytes)     
C. D.19931126-a.jpg (68501 bytes) E.mag-931203.jpg (59535 bytes)

25. BBI list of 1-hour episodes for the MST3K Hour.  All target run times and public domain titles are noted.

        mem-cc-hourlist.jpg (101376 bytes)

26. Film Processing Info sheet used by BBI.

        mem-cc-filmproc.jpg (47101 bytes)

27. Here is part of a 1994 Comedy Central press kit.  This kit included the standard Comedy Central folder, a few press releases and 4 color slides of Mike and the bots.

        mem-cc-press94.jpg (20515 bytes)    mem-cc-press94-a.jpg (99649 bytes)

28. Best Brains publicity photo and similar picture from Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 9/14/94.


29. Some other fanzines of the time included Satellite of Love Letters (issued quarterly starting in Sept 94), World of Cheese (issue #3 shown below with a report from the first convention) and Hamdinger (with more convention 1 memories).

        mem-cc-fanz-1.jpg (104447 bytes)         mem-cc-fanz-2.jpg (127976 bytes)         mem-cc-fanz-3.jpg (132067 bytes)

30. MST3K Stereogram (Magic Eye) created by Darryl Cate and posted 10/24/94.
If you have trouble picking out the MST shadowrama try staring at the two eyes at the top of the picture and let your eyes go out of focus.  When you begin to see a third eye in the middle scan down into the picture.  The shadowrama isn't perfect, but it's still kind of interesting.

magiceyepicture.jpg (326067 bytes)

31. On 11-15-94 Comedy Central sent out this press release to announce that Adam West would be hosting that year's Turkey Day marathon.

        mem-cc-td94ltr.jpg (106135 bytes)

32. Season 6 complete list from BBI files showing run time and delivery dates.

        mem-cc-sea6-list.jpg (108495 bytes)

33. 1994 magazines

19940115.jpg (68007 bytes) mem-cc-940220.jpg (102441 bytes) mem-cc-940305.jpg (94421 bytes) 19940315.jpg (95247 bytes) 19940319.jpg (70738 bytes) 19940521.jpg (68148 bytes) mem-cc-940710.jpg (94006 bytes) 19940723.jpg (64468 bytes)
TV Guide
TV Week (Chic)


TV Guide
Videoscope #8
Mar 15/May 15, 94
TV Guide
TV Guide
TV Week (Phil)
TV Guide
MST listed as a CableACE nominee   MST3K's Full Nelson The Brains Behind MST3K Marooned mentioned in Oscar story Pictures of Mike as Jack Perkins Season 6 starting MST3K's Conventional Wisdom
19940800.jpg (83989 bytes) mem-cc-940822.jpg (108169 bytes) 19940917.jpg (59218 bytes) 19940928.jpg (87861 bytes) mem-cc-94fall.jpg (105067 bytes) 19941003.jpg (75345 bytes) 19941024x.jpg (84669 bytes) mem-cc-9412.jpg (99502 bytes)
Aug 94
This Island Ear
TV Guide
The Reader (Omaha, NE)
Fall 94
Dec 94
Joel interview   Crow quote Ad for live show at convention
(See pic below)
Letter writing campaign to Universal trying to save MST3K: The Movie ConventioCon article Story tells that Joel is a writer for new John Stewart Show The Robots That Conquered Cable
19941119.jpg (68247 bytes) 19941125.jpg (78428 bytes)            
TV Guide
Entertainment Weekly
Jeers to Comedy Central for ending midnight showing  Turkey Day note            

19940928ax.jpg (77691 bytes)

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