Awards and Presentations
1992 - 1997

Included below are items associated with the award nominations and presentations earned by the folks at Best Brains.

If anyone has any CableACE programs or other memorabilia please contact me.

1. 1/12/92: 13th Annual CableACE Awards Pass

    mem-award-ace92.jpg (32409 bytes)

2. 1994 Emmy Viewer video sent to voters.  San Francisco International (614) was selected for consideration.

    mem-award-emmy94.jpg (36475 bytes)

3. 9/11/94: 46th Annual Emmy Awards Program

    mem-award-94em-pr1.jpg (87672 bytes)    mem-award-94em-pr2.jpg (59157 bytes)    mem-award-94em-pr3.jpg (73192 bytes)

4. 1/16/94: 15th Annual CableACE Awards - Mailer sent to BBI regarding travel accommodations

    mem-award-ace94sc.jpg (71378 bytes)

5. 1/15/95: 16th Annual CableACE Awards Pass
        Note: Tall Pony Productions is the LA-based company that produced the ACE Awards from 93-97

    mem-award-ace95.jpg (34672 bytes)

6. 3/7/95: Museum of Television and Radio Director's Guild Award Program

    mem-award-tv1.jpg (71659 bytes)     mem-award-tv2.jpg (109739 bytes)

7. 9/10/95: BBI memo about 47th Emmy arrangements and itinerary

    mem-award-emmy-mem.jpg (49430 bytes)    mem-award-emmy-sc.jpg (58650 bytes)

8. 1995 Emmy Viewer video sent to voters.  Deathstalker III (703) was selected for consideration.

    mem-award-emmy95.jpg (31734 bytes)

9. 9/10/95: 47th Annual Emmy Awards Program

    mem-award-95em-pr1.jpg (79221 bytes)    mem-award-95em-pr2.jpg (64011 bytes)    mem-award-95em-pr3.jpg (78749 bytes)    mem-award-95em-pr4.jpg (74139 bytes)

10. 11/16/96: 18th Annual CableACE Awards Pass

    mem-award-ace96.jpg (39230 bytes)

11. 11/15/97: 19th (and Last) Annual CableACE Awards Pass
        Note: This pass is not dated, but I believe it was from the 1997 show.  If any one recognized it from a different year please let me know.

    mem-award-ace97.jpg (29554 bytes)


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