BBI Merchandise


1. Fluid Containment Vessel (Item #2; 1st available Spring 1990 for $17.50)
        Each mug was individually autographed by Joel, Crow and Servo

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2. Fluid Containment Vessel '92 Edition (#11; Spring 1992; $10)

        bbi-mug4-a.jpg (22319 bytes)    bbi-mug4-b.jpg (14744 bytes)    bbi-mug4-c.jpg (22498 bytes)

Note: I'm a little confused by this one.  The 1992 catalog (blue) says the picture on the mug is of Joel and the bots enjoying a beverage, but I have never found a mug with this type of picture.  When a Joel mug was re-released in 1995 the catalog (pink) says it has the same picture as the original, but the mock-up picture is not of the mug that was actually being sold.  Instead the picture appears to be the same as the one used on the lunch box.  Just recently I picked up the 12-11-92 issue of Entertainment Weekly that had an article about TV show merchandise.  In the lower left of the picture was none other than the 1992 edition fluid containment vessel.   Therefore, even though the description in the catalog is different I believe the 1992 and 1995 Joel mugs are the same.  If anyone knows anything different please contact me.

bbi-mug2-xa.jpg (30143 bytes) bbi-mug2-xb.jpg (27103 bytes) bbi-mug2-xc.jpg (33522 bytes)   bbi-mug4-ew.jpg (26998 bytes)

3. Mike Mug (#17; Fall 1993; $15)

        bbi-mug3-a.jpg (21211 bytes)    bbi-mug3-b.jpg (14614 bytes)    bbi-mug3-c.jpg (22562 bytes)

4. Joel & Bots Mug (re-release)(#52; Holiday 1995; $15)

        bbi-mug4-a.jpg (22319 bytes)    bbi-mug4-b.jpg (14744 bytes)    bbi-mug4-c.jpg (22498 bytes)

5. Sci-Fi Cast Mug (#86; Spring 1997; $15)

        bbi-mug5-a.jpg (20787 bytes)    bbi-mug5-b.jpg (13940 bytes)    bbi-mug5-c.jpg (19916 bytes)

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