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These are some of the more unusual or bigger ticket items sold by Best Brains

1. Authentic Demon Dog (Item #3; 1st available Spring 1990 for $25)
        The 30-35 Demon Dogs sold were actually used in The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy (102)

        bbi-dog.jpg (15753 bytes)

2. Mad Scientist Clock (#7; Spring 1991; $30)

        bbi-clock.jpg (25412 bytes)

3. Lunch Box (in Gypsy Purple) (#15, Holiday 1992; $18)
        The Lunch Box originally came with a small set of instructions for proper care and maintenance.

        bbi-lunch-a.jpg (21384 bytes)    bbi-lunch-b.jpg (18078 bytes)

        bbi-lunch-c.jpg (37831 bytes)

4. Watch with Logo Face (#30; Holiday 1994; $25)
        The close-up of the face below shows that the watch originally came with a clear mylar cover to protect it from scratches.

        bbi-watch.jpg (20781 bytes)    bbi-watch-x.jpg (23230 bytes)

5. Silhouette Car Shade (#76; Holiday 1996; $7)
        Not real expensive, but you sure don't see many of these.

        bbi-shade.jpg (17599 bytes)    bbi-shade-back.jpg (20633 bytes)

6. MST3K: The Movie and a chunk (#84; Spring 1997; $17)

Although BBI also sold MST3K:TM separately, for a while they sold the video with a small chunk of the styrofoam walls from the old Deep 13 set.  Below is the box and cert for the chunks and a couple examples of what a chunk looks like.

bbi-bvid-tm.jpg (38191 bytes)     bbi-tm-chunkbox.jpg (20282 bytes)    bbi-tm-chunkcert.jpg (24163 bytes)

bbi-tm-chunk-a.jpg (20480 bytes)    bbi-tm-chunk-b.jpg (21568 bytes)

7. Official Tom (as seen in episode 1005) (#113; Holiday 1998; $5000)

An actual Tom and Crow used in episode 1005 Blood Waters of Dr. Z were sold for $5000 each.  Each bot was signed by the puppeteer and came with a tape of the episode and a certificate of authenticity signed by the puppeteer and Jim Mallon.  The Tom was resold on eBay and then traveled the world.

        bbi-official-tom.jpg (15814 bytes)     bbi-official-tom-2.jpg (19730 bytes)

8. Official Crow (as seen in episode 1005) (#114; Holiday 1998; $5000)

If the owner of either Tom or Crow happens to read this I would like to get some pictures of the bots and a nice copy of the certificate to add to this site.   Please contact me if you have any info on where the bots are today.

9. Moore Creations Porcelain Crow (#126; Spring 1999; $99)

        bbi-moore-crowbox.jpg (21838 bytes)     bbi-moore-crow-c.jpg (102694 bytes)

        bbi-moore-crow2.jpg (19030 bytes)     bbi-moore-crow-x.jpg (23842 bytes)

10. Moore Creations Porcelain Tom (#127; Spring 1999; $99)

        bbi-moore-tombox.jpg (18682 bytes)     bbi-moore-tom-c.jpg (91509 bytes)

        bbi-moore-tom.jpg (17516 bytes)    bbi-moore-tom-x.jpg (20780 bytes)

11. Moore Creations Pewter Bots Set (#128; Spring 1999; $49)

        bbi-moore-pewt-x.jpg (17814 bytes)     bbi-moore-pewt.jpg (20580 bytes)

12. Janus SOL Model Kit (#134; Holiday 1999; $190)

        bbi-model-box.jpg (21701 bytes)    bbi-model-kit.jpg (16357 bytes)    bbi-model-art.jpg (105167 bytes)   bbi-model-inst.jpg (94230 bytes)

        bbi-model.jpg (38874 bytes)       bbi-model-bottom.jpg (36721 bytes)

       bbi-model-cert.jpg (69402 bytes)      

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