1989 - KTMA/ The Comedy Channel          
Date Day Time (CST) Episode Title              
1/1/1989 Sunday 6PM K07 Gamera vs. Zigra   (KTMA lists a 6 PM show.  I believe it was a repeat of K07)
1/8/1989 Sunday 6PM K08 Gamera vs. Guiron NEW            
1/15/1989 Sunday 6PM K09 Phase IV NEW            
1/22/1989 Sunday 6PM K10 Cosmic Princess NEW (Super Bowl Sunday)        
1/29/1989 Sunday 6PM K11 Humanoid Woman NEW            
2/5/1989 Sunday 6PM K12 Fugitive Alien NEW            
2/12/1989 Sunday 6PM K07 Gamera vs. Zigra              
2/19/1989 Sunday 6PM K13 SST - Death Flight NEW            
2/26/1989 Sunday 6PM K14 Mighty Jack NEW (ACEG says K14 premiered on 3/5/89, but 2/26 is correct)
3/4/1989 Saturday 10AM       Saturday 10AM shows during March, April & May confirmed
3/5/1989 Sunday 6PM K06 Gamera vs. Gaos              
3/11/1989 Saturday 10AM                  
3/12/1989 Sunday 6PM K15 Superdome NEW            
3/18/1989 Saturday 10AM                  
3/19/1989 Sunday 6PM K16 City on Fire NEW            
3/25/1989 Saturday 10AM K16 City on Fire              
3/26/1989 Sunday 6PM       (Easter Sunday)        
4/1/1989 Saturday 10AM                  
4/2/1989 Sunday 6PM K17 Time of the Apes NEW            
4/8/1989 Saturday 10AM K04 Gamera vs. Barugon   (Note: this is the broadcast of K04 in circulation)  
4/9/1989 Sunday 6PM K08 Gamera vs. Guiron              
4/15/1989 Saturday 10AM K07 Gamera vs. Zigra              
4/16/1989 Sunday 6PM K09 Phase IV              
4/22/1989 Saturday 10AM K05 Gammera   (Note: this is the broadcast of K05 in circulation)  
4/23/1989 Sunday 6PM K13 SST - Death Flight              
4/29/1989 Saturday 10AM                  
4/30/1989 Sunday 5PM       (If MST aired this date it was at 5PM)    
5/6/1989 Saturday 10AM K16 City on Fire              
5/7/1989 Sunday 6PM K18 Million Eyes of Su-Muru NEW            
5/13/1989 Saturday 10AM                  
5/14/1989 Sunday 6PM K19 Hangar 18 NEW            
5/20/1989 Saturday 10AM                  
5/21/1989 Sunday 6PM K20 The Last Chase NEW            
5/27/1989 Saturday 10AM K20 The Last Chase              
5/28/1989 Sunday 6PM K21 The Legend of Dinosaurs NEW            
Summer Hiatus from KTMA                  
  The Amazing Colossal Episode Guide gives the best information from the files of Best Brains, although they    
  admit the dates are a bit sketchy.              
  Bob Bukoski has a collection of KTMA tapes with the commercials intact that helped determine dates.      
  Some even have a commercial for Today In Music History.      
  I have obtained complete KTMA weekend listings from 11/20/88 to 6/3/89.  With these I have confirmed    
  that MST3K did air on Saturdays at 10 AM from March to May.  Also, I was able to match up the voice over    
  the closing credits to the show that came "up next."              
  Finally, I compared the Temperature/ Time information that flashes on the screen during some shows and      
  compared it to data from the Minnesota Climatological Records.  Believe it or not this helped.        
Picked up by HBO's new Comedy Channel Season 1 debut dates estimated            
    Time (EST)   Comedy Channel              
11/18/1989 Saturday 12n/12mid 102 NEW              
11/25/1989 Saturday 12n/12mid 101 NEW              
12/2/1989 Saturday 12n/12mid 103 NEW              
12/9/1989 Saturday 12n/12mid 105 NEW              
12/16/1989 Saturday 12n/12mid 106 NEW              
12/23/1989 Saturday 12n/12mid 107 NEW              
12/30/1989 Saturday 12n/12mid 108 NEW              
  Some early viewers have stated that 102 aired first.  Also, an early Comedy Channel        
  promo (on the MST scrapbook tape) has a commercial that says "the experiment begins        
  with The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy."              
  Early viewers have also said that a new episode premiered each week for season 1.          
  Note: Best Brains has told us that 104 was actually the last season 1 episode taped          
  Also, the copyright at the end of the show is 1990 so it couldn't have aired          
  in November or December 1989.