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FC101 -
Hollywood After Dark
FC102 -
Killers From Space
FC103 -
Wild Women of Wongo
FC104 -
The Giant of Marathon

Cinematic Titanic

CT001 - brainofblood.jpg (74971 bytes) CT103 -waspwoman.jpg (84075 bytes)
CT101 -
The Oozing Skull
(aka Brain of Blood)
CT102 -
The Doomsday Machine
CT103 -
The Wasp Woman
CT104 -
Legacy of Blood 
(UK Video Cover)
CT105 -
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
CT201 -
Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks
CT202 -
Blood of the Vampire
(aka Curse of...)
CT203 -
East Meets Watts
(aka The Dynamite Brothers)
CT301 -
The Alien Factor
(UK Video Cover)
CT302 -
Danger on Tiki Island (aka Brides of Blood)
CT401 -
War of the Insects
(aka Genocide)
Samson and the 7 Miracles of the World
CT501 -
The Astral Factor
The Doll Squad

RiffTrax Presents (featuring Kevin and Bill unless otherwise noted)

rtp101-startrek2-worldenough.jpg (71644 bytes) rtp102-darkwater.jpg (36051 bytes) rtp103-saw.jpg (40749 bytes) rtp104-startrek2-toserveall.jpg (83893 bytes) rtp105-houseofwax.jpg (47871 bytes) rtp106-xfilesfightfuture.jpg (48876 bytes) rtp107-alien.jpg (40403 bytes)
RTP101 -
Star Trek Phase II: World Enough and Time
RTP102 -
Dark Water
(Matthew J. Elliott)
RTP103 -
RTP104 -
Star Trek Phase II: To Serve All My Days
RTP105 -
House of Wax
(Matthew J. Elliott)
RTP106 -
The X-Files: Fight the Future
RTP107 -
rtp108-spiderman2.jpg (70652 bytes) rtp109-day after tomorrow.jpg (73223 bytes) rtp110-dirtydancing.jpg (44691 bytes) 
RTP108 -
Spider-man 2
RTP109 -
The Day After Tomorrow
(plus Josh Fruhlinger)
RTP110 -
Dirty Dancing
(Cole Stratton/
Janet Varney) 
RTP201 -
Die Hard
(Matthew J. Elliott)
RTP202 -
(Jonathan Coulton,
Paul & Storm)
RTP203 -
(Cole Stratton/
Jane Varney)
RTP204 -
The Running Man
(Blame Society
w/ Chad Vader)
RTP205 -
Batman Forever
RTP206 -
Planet of the Apes
(Matthew J. Elliott)
RTP207 -
(Cole Stratton/
Janet Varney)
RTP208 -
Ghost Rider
(Blame Society)
RTP209 -
(Cole Stratton/
Jane Varney)
RTP301 -
(Matthew J. Elliott)
RTP302 -
Lost Boys
(Cole Stratton/
Janet Varney)
RTP303 -
Jaws 3
(Cole Stratton/
Janet Varney)
RTP401 -
Jurassic Park III
(Matthew J. Elliott)
RTP402 -
Sherlock Holmes
(Matthew J. Elliott)
RTP501 -
(Cole Stratton/
Janet Varney)
RTP502 -
The Expendables
(Matthew J. Elliott)
RT601 -
Horror Express


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