See Season 3 for Japanese Gamera posters in color

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K00-Green Slime K01-Invaders from the Deep (video) K02-Revenge of the Mysterons (video) K03-Star Force: Fugitive Alien 2 (video) K04-Gamera vs Barugon K05-Gamera K05-Gammera (US release)
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K06-Gamera vs Gaos K07-Gamera vs Zigra K08-Gamera vs Guiron K09-Phase IV


K10-Cosmic Princess 
K11-Humanoid Woman
K12-Fugitive Alien
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K13-SST Death Fligth (ad) K14-Mighty Jack
K15-Superdome (ad) K16-City on Fire K17-Time of the Apes
K18-The Million Eyes of Su-Muru K19-Hangar 18
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K20-The Last Chase K21-Legend of the Dinosaurs 1987 Gerry Anderson video releases - includes Stingray, Captain Scarlet and Space 1999 used for K01, K02 and K10
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