MSTied Movie Memorabilia

For Mature Audiences - nothing too racy, but if you're under 18 please go back.
Occasionally a starlet from a MSTied movie chose to share some of her other talents with the world.
            (Note: These are presented in chronological order of the item, not in the order episodes aired)

1. Jean Moorehead, centerfold, Playboy, October 1955
Jean played girl-gang leader Paula Parkins in the Violent Years (610)


2. Sally Todd from the Unearthly (320), small British magazines Point of View 3/1956 and Focus 12/1956.
Sally was the sexy psychotic Natalie Andries who was BBQ'd by John Caradine in The Unearthly.  She is the cover girl in the first magazine and is featured inside the second.



3. Sally Jo Todd, centerfold, Playboy, February 1957
Once again Sally Jo shared her assets with us.


4. Dawn Richards, centerfold, Playboy, May 1957
Dawn can be seen as the flexible gymnast in I Was a Teenage Werewolf (809)


5. Marlene Callahan, centerfold, Playboy, November 1957
Marlene had a small part in the Magic Sword (411)


6. Mara Corday, centerfold, Playboy, October 1958
Mara was the female lead, Teresa, in The Black Scorpion (113)


7. Marilyn Hanold, centerfold, Playboy, June 1959
One of the beauty contestants from The Brain That Wouldn't Die (513)


8. Yvette Vickers, cenerfold , Playboy, July 1959
Sexy Liz Baby Walker from Attack of the Giant Leeches (406)


9. Yvette Vickers again, 1961 Playboy calendar


10. Marya Carter, centerfold, Playboy, May 1962
One of the jurors from Phantom Planet (902)


11. Merissa Mathes, centerfold, Playboy, June 1962
Yet another juror from Phantom Planet (902)


12. Donna Michelle, centerfold, Playboy, December 1963
Donna stood out as Marian, the long-thumbed secretary in Agent for h.a.r.m. (815) 


13. Mamie Van Doren, featured story, Playboy, June 1964
Mamie appeared in Untamed Youth (112) and Girls Town (601) and was known to remove her clothes fairly regularly.


14. Barbara Bouchet, featured story, Playboy, May 1965
Sexy Barbara Bouchet, who starred as Ava Vostok in Agent for h.a.r.m. (815) was featured in a story about film kisses.


15. Susan Kiger, centerfold, Playboy, January 1977
Susan can be seen shining her love as Michelle Wilson in Angels Revenge (622)


16. Rebecca Ferratti, centerfold, Playboy, June 1986
The lovely Talena from Outlaw (519)


17. Tia Carrere, cover and photo spread, Playboy, January 2003
Tia played Amy in Zombie Nightmare (604)