MSTied Movie Memorabilia

Photos, including promotional photos, lobby photos or autographed pictures.

1. Cosmic Princess (K10)
        Two promotional photos for the release of the ITC Entertainment video in the UK.  The second photo is of the video box cover art.


2. Superdome (K15)
        Two ABC promotional photos with the attached info sheet



3. Wild Rebels (207)
        One example of the black and white photo set (Lobby photos).  Here Banjo and Fats discuss particle physics.


3. Attack of the Giant Leeches (406)
        Two black and white lobby photos.  What exactly is all over that guys overalls?  The second picture is nap time at the Giant Leech grotto.
        The third image is from the British release of the movie under the title Demons of the Swamp.



4. Gunslinger (511)
Beverly Garland at her macho best.  She also appeared in It Conquered the World (311) and Swamp Diamonds (503)


5. Last of the Wild Horses (611)
     Mary Beth Hughes, who also starred in I Accuse My Parents (507), appeared in a Women of Western Movies series of arcade cards issued back in the 1940's and 1950's.


6. The Starfighters (612)
        Black and white lobby photo of the poopie suit synchronized swim team.


7. Riding With Death (814) (originally called Gemini Man)
        NBC promotional photo for Gemini Man with the attached info sheet.


8. Agent for h.a.r.m. (815)
Adam Chance (Mark Richman) demonstrating his skills on the judo range.


9. Hamlet (1009)
        Black and white lobby photo.  Ophelia should never have asked Hamlet "Do you have a match?"


A. Jack Perkins
This is an early publicity shot of Jack Perkins from his days on NBC's Huntley-Brinkley Report.  Jack was of course parodied by Mike Nelson in the Fugitive Alien (310) episode, the 1995 Turkey Day marathon and in the host segments for the MST3K Hour.