MSTied Movie Memorabilia

Miscellaneous Items, such as badges, figures and other promotional items.

1. Green Slime (K00), badge

2. Space 1999, featured in episode Cosmic Princess (K10), View-master set with original cover and story booklet.
Note: The view-master story is called War Games and does not contain actual scenes from Cosmic Princess.


3. Space 1999 (K10) Jigsaw Puzzles


4. Godzilla vs. Megalon (212), Megalon pin (I've seen others showing Godzilla, Jet Jaguar, etc.)

5. Time of the Apes (306), vinyl character figures made by Bullmark.
First is the front and back of a tri-fold insert that accompanied the figures.  (If anyone can translate this please contact me.  I can supply a higher resolution image.) 

        Front      Back



6. Rocky Jones Space Ranger (413/417) wings on original card


7. Rocky Jones Space Ranger (413/417) pins for Silvercup Bread and Johnston Cookies


8. Girl In Gold Boots (1002)
        Great promotional item autographed by director Ted V. Mikels


A. This Island Earth (MST3K: The Movie), original 1960's Don Post Studios Metaluna Mutant mask.
In the cut original ending of MST3K: The Movie Jef Maynard can be seen wearing one of these masks.  In the final version of the ending Servo is wearing it during the Metaluna Mixer.