MSTied Movie Memorabilia

Magazines, including TV Guides, movie periodicals, etc.

1. Space 1999 (K10)
This series included eight issues released between November 1975 and September 1976.



2. The Unearthly (320)
Allison Hayes, who appeared in The Unearthly (320), Gunslinger (511) and The Undead (806) appeared on the cover of this Picturegoer magazine from 11-13-1954.  I also included a photo of Allison Hayes taken during the same session as the image on the cover.


3. Rocky Jones, Space Ranger (413/417)
TV Today, local TV Guide (Cleveland), from 2/26/1954 that features a special advertisement for Rocky Jones


4. Magic Voyage of Sinbad (505) (originally called Sadko)
        Continental Film Review, August 1953.  This is a British movie magazine praising the "brilliant" Russian film.


5. The Violent Years (610)
British movie magazine Picturegoer from 8/16/1956 that features Jean Moorehead on the cover.  She portrayed ring leader Paula Parkins in the Ed Wood film The Violent Years.


6. Riding With Death (814) (originally called Gemini Man)
        TV Times from Seattle, WA 8/14/76 with a copy of the original photo mylar transparency used for the cover.


        Photoplay Film Monthly, Dec 1976.  Features this dreamy pin-up of Ben Murphy.  He sure got a lot of mileage out of that jacket.


7. Agent for h.a.r.m. (815)
In this August 1966 issue of Films and Filming there is a one page spread on the new movie The H.A.R.M. Machine.


8. Gorgo (909)
        Famous Monsters of Filmland #11 (April 1961) and #50 (July 1968); The Monster Times #12 (July 1972)