MSTied Movie Memorabilia

Books, including paperbacks, hard covers, coloring books, sticker books and annuals.

1. Phase IV (K09), paperback by Barry N. Malzberg, Pocket Books, 1973


2. Space 1999, as seen in Cosmic Princess (K10), Coloring Book


3. Hangar 18 (K19), paperback, Bantam Books, 1980

4. Moon Zero Two (111), paperbacks, Pan Books, 1969 and Signet Books, 1970


5. The Hellcats (209), paperback by Robert F. Slatzer, Holloway House, 1968


6. Space Travelers (401), originally the novel Marooned by Martin Caidin, hard cover by Dutton Press, 1964, plus a paperback by Bantam Books, 1969


7. Rocky Jones Space Ranger (413/417) coloring books, 1951/1953
Note: the first book was issued in 1951, before the show had aired on TV, and does not mention any other characters seen in the series.  The second came out in 1953 and mentioned Rocky's friends Winky, Bobby, Vena and Professor Newton.



8. The Day the Earth Froze (422), originally Sampo, USA collection of stories from the Finnish Kalevala by James Baldwin 1924

9. Magic Voyage of Sinbad (505), originally Sadko, USSR childrens book

10. The Painted Hills (510), hard cover, Ward, Lock & Co. Ltd. of London and Melbourne
        My copy of this book is from Tasmania and was given as a present for Christmas 1953. 


11. Outlaw (519), originally Outlaw of Gor, The Chronicles of Counter Earth Vol. 2, paperback by John Norman, Ballentine Books, 1967
        This copy is the 18th printing from 1983 with a wonderful Boris Vallejo cover.


12. Kitten With A Whip (615), paperback by Wade Miller, Gold Medal Books, 1959
        Notice that this copy has Ann-Margaret on the cover.


13. The Incredible Melting Man (704), paperback by Phil Smith, New English Library, 1978


14. Riding With Death (814) (originally called Gemini Man) 
        The British loved this show even though it only lasted one season.  BBC-TV issued numerous promotional tie-ins including an annual (or yearbook), a coloring book (with amazingly lifelike images) and even a sticker fun book.




15. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (822), from the collection of short stories Persistence of Vision, hard cover by John Varley, Quantum Science Fiction Books, 1978


16. Deadly Bees (905) originally A Taste For Honey, paperback by H. F. Heard, Lancer Books, 1941


17. Gorgo (909), paperback by Carson Bingham, Monarch Books, 1960


18. Squirm (1012), paperback by Richard Curtis, Sphere Books, 1978